fall 2019 | nothing but lovely memories & lovely learning.

        2016 - 2018 | projects i have worked on as a cs undergrad at penn.

A.MAZE.ING // fall 2018

My undergrad senior project !! My goal was to develop a game tool in 3d using an isographic view. I was largely inspired by the game, Monument Valley, because its unique perspective allows for impossible paths to form (see: penrose stairs, impossible cube). I implemented a maze generating algorithm + A* pathfinding algorithm for character navigation. This was a semester long project, and ultimately I found it pretty rewarding & cool!

BIOMAKERLAB // summer 2017

The Bio.Maker.Lab was a Penn-funded research project led by Professor Orkan Telhan. My role was to develop an interface for the existing Bio.Maker.Lab machine (made with Raspberry Pis). Using Javascript, HTML/CSS and NodeRed, I developed an interface which controlled the machine remotely while displaying data directly from the machine. I also created several educational graphical illustrations for users of the interface using Photoshop.


Along with two classmates, I developed a world of procedurally generated planets! Each of the planets contain multiple elements that are either generated procedurally of driven procedurally by sound. One of the planets is surrounded in water modeled from Fractal Brownian Motion noise. Youtube demo here!

L-SYSTEMS // spring 2017

Using Javascript, Three.JS, and WebGL, I created a procedural bamboo plant through a 3D visualization of an L-system. The algorithm takes in the number of branches, an axiom, and degree of variation and outputs a unique plant. Noice! Demo found here.

MINECRAFT // fall 2016

Using C++ and OpenGl, my two teammates and I developed a mini-version of Minecraft. I was responsible for efficient rendering of the terrain, textures and animating textures, procedural rain and snow implementation and sound.

FLYING HOME GAME // spring 2016

This was a platformer game I developed my freshman year using the Java Swing library. The user can press the arrows to control a flying crane to collect flowers and avoid obstacles. Graphics drawn with Photoshop, and original music featured!

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        fall 2017 | one of my favorite classes of-all-time.

        spring 2016 | processing film is quite an involved, but rewarding, endeavor.

        fall 2016 | a very challenging class, but i appreciated it nonetheless!

        2013-2015 | the good old days of free art supplies.

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