fall 2018 jazz combos

members: Vincent Jones (alto sax), Andrea Lin (vocals), Justin
Sekelewski (bass), Josh Snitzer (piano), Ben Wasman (drums)

Desafinado | Getz & Gilberto

Tell Me A Bedtime Story | Hancock

recording music (musc 277)

The Vine by Evan Thomas | "All Acoustic Recording" Project
group: Flora Feng, Andrea Lin, Evan Thomas

Officially Missing You by Tamia | "Recording That Includes Electronic Instrument" Project
group: Elvis Jimenez, Andrea Lin, Gayatri Schur, Joey Rudoler

shadows catching up to each other | Final Project
group: Elvis Jimenez, Elias Kotsis, Andrea Lin

harp recital 2017

The Little Fountain | Samuel O. Pratt

Meditation from Thais | Jules Massenet

personal projects

Slow Motion | Karina Pasian

Ordinary People | John Legend

New Year (original)


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2. my long suffering soundcloud

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